You’d be hard-pressed to find a more dedicated and passionate group of people – and we’d be hard pressed to find better coworkers! Meet the Primavera Realty Medellin team, your local experts in Medellin Real Estate sales. Our agents are Medellin’s most experienced real estate professionals with decades of combined experience and can help you find the property you are looking to buy or sell. Read their profiles below to learn more about our incredible team.

Maria Adelaida Gómez
Residential Sales Advisor
At the age of 17 Maria went to Kansas to learn English as a second language, and she ended up staying and attending the University of Kansas and graduated with a degree in Social Communications. She worked different sales jobs in the U.S. and ultimately ended up in real estate which fit her skill set perfectly. At age 35 she decided to return to Medellin to participate in its remarkable transformation and be a part of the extraordinary real estate opportunities that the city provides. Maria is very resourceful and highly connected, two traits that are highly beneficial for her clients.
Matt DeSantis
Listing Agent

Matthew was born in New York City, having lived and worked there his entire life before recently relocating to Medellin. Matthew first visited Medellin in 2014, and was completely enamored by its climate, culture, people, and atmosphere. He and his wife, a Medellin native herself, finally recognized their dream of living here full time in 2021. Matthew holds a Bachelor’s degree in History, with an extensive background in construction, finance, copywriting, and editing. Having experienced it himself, he can relate to our clients and understands the process of being a foreigner looking for real estate in Medellin.

Claudia Mariitza Toro Angel
Residential Sales Advisor

Claudia is a Medellín native who has a multi-varied business background in banking, construction, financial services and international business. She understands foreigners, their needs and their required assistance. She is an EAFIT graduate with degrees in both business and finance. Her passion is local real estate and her excellent Medellin contacts will ensure that buyers are seeing the best deals and opportunities.

Marcela Jaramillo
Residential Sales Advisor

Marcela is a bi-lingual local Paisa who graduated with a degree in communications, specializing in business and retail. She has worked in the real estate industry in Medellín for the past seven years. Marcela is passionate about meeting her clients’ goals and needs, whether it be for a single person, a family, or a business. Her local connections with sellers, and her successful real estate background, is especially useful with foreign clients.