Read This BEFORE You Buy a Property in Medellin

Since 2007, Primavera Realty Medellin and its predecessor companies, have assisted more than 500 foreigners to purchase a property in Medellin. And all 500 of these purchasers had to take this critical first step: to open a Colombian brokerage account in order to bring their US Dollars into Colombia and convert their USD into Colombian pesos (COP). 

Foreigners need to understand that because of very strict money laundering restrictions imposed by the Colombian Government, opening a brokerage account here is not like opening a brokerage account in the United States or even Canada and  Europe. The Government (and Colombian brokerage company) need to have a little more information about you, your background, where your money is coming from, and for what purpose are you bringing those funds into Colombia. 

It is not difficult or onerous and the process typically takes 2-4 weeks and is done by email. Once your account is approved and set up, you then will bank wire your funds to Citibank New York who will in turn forward those funds to your Colombian brokerage account. Your account can be set up in your Personal name (No Joint accounts) or under a Colombian company (SAS).  

And what is the cost of opening your account? 

Nothing, there is no cost. The only cost that you will incur is when your transfer your funds from Citibank NY to Colombia. Many brokerage firms have a sliding scale of  0.4-0.6% cost to convert your USD into COP. When that is done there will be an additional government charge of 0.4% that is referred to as the ¨cuatro por mil¨. So,  figure worst case 1% to get your funds transferred into Colombia for your property purchase. 

For example, if you are buying a home for $200,000 USD you would need to add another $2,000 USD to your wire. Additionally, you also need to consider any legal costs for using a qualified real estate attorney (Primavera Realty can make an excellent referral if needed) which typically are about $1,000. Also, a buyer will need to have funds in place for the closing which is 1.8% so in this case, $3,600 USD.

Thus,  for a $200,000 USD purchase, the buyer should plan on sending a minimum of  $206,600 USD. Finally, if furniture, accessories, and appliances are required, an estimated amount can be included at this time or bank wired later.  

Primavera Realty is proud to be associated with and recommend a Colombian brokerage firm by the name of Acciones & Valores. Acciones & Valores is the oldest brokerage firm in Colombia and was established in 1959. You can see their growth and history on this page. Also, their LinkedIn page and Facebook Page. And finally, this informative, Spanish but easy-to-follow two-minute YouTube Video.  

When buyers make their initial inquiry to Primavera Realty, their assigned realtor will encourage serious buyers to immediately open their Acciones & Valores brokerage account. They will introduce clients to an English-speaking Acciones & Valores representative who will assist them in the account opening process. 

So why should a buyer act promptly and open up their Acciones & Valores account? 

  • The account is free to set up and open. 
  • By having the account set up and ready to fund, foreign buyers have equal leverage, or even better, than competing local buyers who may not have their funds in place. 
  • You do not have to fund your account right away or send any money, simply get the account opened. 
  • Sellers are more motivated in price negotiations with buyers who they know are serious and already have their brokerage accounts set up. 
  • For more desirable properties sellers can change their minds even after agreeing to sell to a foreign buyer if the seller receives a better offer and the buyer has not sent at least a 10% down payment to secure a Promesa (a legally binding sales contract). Over the past 15 years, there have been a number of instances where foreign buyers have lost some great deals because they were slow to set up their brokerage accounts and get their funds in place. 
  • When the buyer´s account is set up there is no cost or obligation to ever fund,  in case the buyer does not find his or her ideal property. 
  • Once the funds arrive in the buyer´s brokerage account it starts earning money market interest which typically is 2-4 times that being earned in US money market accounts. 
  • For those investors who will be renting out their Medellin apartments/homes,  2
  • they can direct rental proceeds to their Acciones & Valores brokerage account and earn money market interest.  
  • Foreigners visiting Medellin can tap into their Acciones & Valores account for pesos that they can use for spending during their trip or making additions to their property. 
  • At any time, buyers can direct Acciones & Valores to send their funds back to the United States or any other country they wish. 

In summary, the buyer’s most important first step is to open a Colombian brokerage account, quickly and in a timely manner. If for some reason a buyer needs to open a  joint account, IRA or Trust account or corporate LLC account, PRM does have an alternate Colombian brokerage firm that can handle this. 

Your Primavera Realty bi-lingual real estate agent is ready to assist at the very beginning of the real estate process to ensure that all goes smoothly as you explore being a Medellin homeowner.

7 thoughts on “Read This BEFORE You Buy a Property in Medellin

  1. David says:

    Are there any fees associated with this brokerage account.? My hope is to buy a condo in colombia in the next 5-7 years. Seems like a good idea to have this account up and running as soon as possible.

    • Rich Holman says:

      Great question and the good news is that there are no fees associated with setting up and opening your Colombian brokerage account. In fact you are not even obligated to fund it, if for some reason you decide not to purchase a property here. However, there will be two charges when you send your funds (USD) to Colombia and your brokerage firm converts them to Colombian Pesos (COP). The first charge is a standard government mandated fee called the ¨cuatro por mil¨ which is 0.4% of the funds being sent. The second charge is the brokerage firm fee which typically is 0.6% but can be a little less for larger amounts. So worse case assume the fee will be 1% and this should be kept in mind when wiring funds. For example, if you wish to send $200,000 USD then bank wire $202,000 USD thus netting $200,000 USD in your brokerage account.

      Your comment, ¨seems like a good idea to have this account up and running as soon as possible¨, is very astute. Over the past 15 years we have had several foreign buyers find a great property, agree to a price with the seller and then get delayed on getting their brokerage account set up, and the seller ends up selling to somebody else. There is no legal recourse until a Promesa (sales contract) is executed and a 10% down payment is made to the seller. This is legally binding and by having your brokerage account already set up, you avoid losing that great property that you fell in love with, negotiated a price on and mentally banked. Thus, it is wise to get your brokerage account set up immediately and it does not cost you a dime for doing so.

    • Rich Holman says:


      There are no fees to open the account. You are only charged (about 1%) when you wire USD to your brokerage account.


    • Rich Holman says:


      You will need to set up a brokerage account in order to purchase real estate in Colombia. I will send you that information by email.


  2. Cristian Boda says:

    I bought my land in Altos de Las Palmas without having a brokerage account in Colombia. I simply made a wire transfer from my US Wells Fargo bank account to the seller’s business Bancolombia account. Even got a great exchange rate. After 2 weeks the transaction showed in Banco de la Republica as an international investment under my name ( this way I won’t have to pay super high capital gain rates in case I decide to sell my property in the first 2 years).

    • Rich Holman says:


      You may wish to consult an accountant or real estate attorney about you being able to avoid capital gains taxes upon selling your property for a profit.


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