How to Sell Your Medellin Home Quickly!

The fastest way to sell your Medellin home is with a foreign cash-paying buyer. Foreigners are willing and motivated cash buyers who can act quickly and decisively. They will not require a mortgage and do not wish to add contingencies like adding in a farm, lot or truck as a part of an offer. Foreigners often have traveled 1,000 miles or more to visit and invest in Medellin real estate.

Most foreigners are investing with US Dollars (USD) which now are trading at near record levels to the Colombian COP conversion rate. Thus, Medellin home ownership is particularly attractive to these buyers.

How to Reach Foreign Buyers of Medellin Real Estate!

So, how does an owner of a Medellin home or condo reach foreign home buyers who are seeking to invest in popular neighborhoods such as El Poblado, Envigado, Laureles, Sabaneta, Belen and the Estadio?

The answer is to list your property with Primavera Realty Medellin whose real estate group has been successfully servicing foreign real estate buyers in Medellin since 2007. In fact, Primavera Realty Medellin (PRM) has been responsible for the sale of more than 500 properties to foreigners since 2007.

Today, with the strong USD, PRM has a record number of cash-paying foreign buyers actively coming to Medellin to invest.

It’s Simple to List with Primavera Realty Medellin

The terms for a Medellin homeowner to list with Primavera Realty Medellin are very simple and standard: a 3% seller-paid commission in the event PRM sells your property. Our listing will remain non-exclusive, which means that you can list with other agencies of your choosing.

Once PRM receives your listing details and photos, your property will be posted up on their website within 24 hours. Keep in mind that foreigners often are looking to buy furniture, so it may be possible to sell part, or all of your furniture, in your sale, if you wish.

In conclusion, if you would like to reach foreign buyers paying 100% in cash for Medellin real estate, then fill out our listing form and a PRM listing agent will contact you to create your free website listing on It can take as little as 24 hours, so act today.

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