No Medellin MLS? No Problem – Read and See Why!

Your Secret Weapon: The Primavera Realty Medellin Search Function

We all know that finding the perfect property in a foreign country can be a daunting task. Luckily, here at Primavera Realty Medellin we have been hard at work making our site organized with over 300 Medellin properties. In order to navigate all these properties, we have implemented an intuitive search function:

Medellin MLS

The most important part to learn in order to use the above chart is the reset search button you see on the bottom left corner.

Always click this first to ensure you are resetting your parameters. From there, you can search by location, property type, price, newest listings, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms and other factors:

Please note that the number of bedrooms and bathrooms is specific; for example, if you select three bedrooms, the site will only show you three-bedroom apartments (omitting one and two-bedroom units.) You can mix and match any of these parameters to your liking in order to find your perfect property.

Furthermore, you can search our property database by price. Remember to first click reset search, and then enter your price range here:

A short lesson on prices in COP; in the United States we write one dollar as such: $1.00. However, in Colombia, one mil pesos is written as 1.000. The difference is the extra zero, which reflects on our prices in Colombian Pesos. If you need help transferring your USD budget into COP, we recommend you visit

Once you have your budget, you can implement it into the search function (as well as any other parameters you may have.) Here I have implemented an example budget of 150-250K USD. converted into COP:

Additionally, you can even use our search function to search by amenities you may require. Here is an example search of someone who may be searching for an apartment in El Poblado, between 150-250K USD, three bedrooms, with a swimming pool and a gym:

And here are the results. Remember to always hit reset search every time.

Finding that perfect property is sort of “a treasure hunt”, where the more clues that we have, the better chance there is that we can find the ideal property for you.

So, we highly recommend you assist your assigned realtor by conducting your own search(s) and narrowing down those properties that meet your specifications.

Then, share those selections with your Primavera Realtor, as this will assist us in identifying the best properties for your showings. The more feedback, the better.

Happy Searching!

2 thoughts on “No Medellin MLS? No Problem – Read and See Why!

    • Rich Holman says:

      I suspect that you may not be hitting the reset button just below the search box to the left. You must reset each time that you do a search. I will email you a more detailed explanation about using our Search Tool.
      You can let me know if you have any additional problems.

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